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Who We are

Our cleaners are safe for the whole family.

Even for Pets

Hi! We are Melissa, Mindy, and Sara. 


Together, we make up Waterloo Girls!

Waterloo Girls formed back in 2014 when Melissa and I started our own local cleaning business in Cookeville, TN. Mindy became a Waterloo Girl in early 2020 to build and promote our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 


In 2015, just a year into our cleaning service, we started to experience headaches, fatigue and skin rashes. It was only a short time before those uncomfortable aches and irritants became chronic.


We suddenly realized it was due to the continuous use of toxic household cleaners. 



Waterloo Girls had an idea for change! From that day forward we would use only simple, natural everyday ingredients. No more harsh chemicals, fragrances or fumes! Back to the basics with Grandma Murphy’s recipes with twist of our own 

We back our all natural products 100%. They have personally given us a brighter outlook on life and our health. . Our cleaners are safe for the whole family.


We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Waterloo Girls

Simple Ingredients.

Fresh  Smell.

No Worries



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